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Bayan slams Balikatan 2015

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April 7, 2015


The veil surrounding the role of the United States in the bloody Mamasapano incident not even been lifted, yet here are the US and Philippine governments planning another joint exercise involving 5,000 US troops starting April 20.


The custody issue involving murder suspect US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton has not been resolved in favor of the Philippines yet here is the US allowing its troops to undertake rest and recreation all over the country.


The upcoming Balikatan war games is another affront to our sovereignty. It is a spit on the face the Philippines. Why is the Philippine government welcoming these interventionist troops after all the damage they have done to our country?


The refusal of the US to reveal its true role in Mamasapano along with their earlier refusal to surrender custody of Pemberton should already be grounds for terminating US military activities in the country. These should be enough basis to junk the Visiting Forces Agreement and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement.


The US provided funding and training, real-time intelligence as well as hands-on direction for the bloody Mamasapano incident that claimed the lives of 67 Filipinos. Six Americans were confirmed to be at the PNP SAF tactical command post during the operation. It is an indication that the US played a leading role in the operation. Filipino troops were sacrificed to satisfy the war on terror obsession of the US. The US even had prior knowledge of the operation, ahead of top officials such as the DND and DILG secretaries and the PNP OIC.


It is not true that the US is out to protect us against China’s incursions and reclamation projects in the West Philippine Sea. The US has repeatedly said it that does not take sides in the dispute. The US is a huge debtor to China, to the tune of US $1.3 trillion. The US will not engage China in a shooting war. Our national leaders are only being made to believe that the US is there to support us. In truth, the US in only concerned with its own expansionist interests in Asia. Our national interest is not identical with US imperialist interests.


Like vultures, the US is already encircling Mindanao, anticipating the conclusion of Aquino’s so-called peace pact that would allow foreign plunder of natural resources. The US military build-up in the area is tied to US economic interests in mining and oil and energy exploration.


The Balikatan war games are a continuing reminder of the subservience of the Aquino regime to foreign dictates. It is this subservience that makes us weak as a nation. The Philippine government refuses to adopt an independent foreign policy. It refuses to assert economic sovereignty which will allow us to develop the capacity to defend our territorial waters. The Aquino government is a shameless puppet government. ###



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