Sunday, February 25, 2018

Trump-Duterte meeting a sell-out of Filipinos

Press Statement
November 14, 2017


Bayan condemns in the strongest terms the violent actions of the Philippine police against anti-Trump protesters. We denounce the Philippine government’s puppetry to US Imperialism and the use fascism to suppress dissent. We likewise condemn the use of a sonic weapon or Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) against protesters.

The Trump-Duterte bilateral meeting resulted in the reaffirmation of unequal relations between the US and the Philippines. What Trump described as a “great relationship” is actually founded on historically lopsided trade and military agreements. Duterte’s offer of a free trade agreement is dangerous and could likely be disadvantageous to Filipinos as we have no strong domestic industry and our agriculture is backward and underdeveloped. We would be eaten alive wp the more powerful US economy.

As expected, human rights was a non-issue in the bilateral meeting. Trumo for his part is not concerned with human rights – not in the US and certainly not in the Philippines.

Duterte has clearly abandoned his independent foreign policy. So long as Trump does not criticize the brutal Philippine drug war, Duterte is prepared to embrace US impositions on trade and security.

The unequal, neocolonial US-PH relations spur the Filipino people to resistance. The fight for a truly independent Philippines continues even after Trump has left our shores. ###


*Photo from Rappler


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