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‘No to Duterte’s bogus revolutionary government!’ KMU, Bayan to rally on Nov. 30 to reject Duterte’s emerging dictatorship

November 24, 2017


The Kilusang Mayo Uno and Bagong Alyansang Makabayan will be holding a rally on November 30, Bonifacio Day, to reject the “revolutionary government” being peddled wp Pres. Rodrigo Duterte and his supporters, calling it nothing but an open fascist dictatorship.

Bonifacio led the revolution for an independent, sovereign republic. Duterte’s bogus revolution, which his supporters are planning to rally around on Nov. 30, is a desecration of Bonifacio’s legacy.

The elements of Duterte’s emerging dictatorship are clear for everyone to see: the effective arrogation of legislative powers to himself via his supermajority in Congress; the subversion of the system of checks and balances via impeachment, threats and intimidation of the Courts, the Ombudsman and constitutional commissions; the abandonment of the peace process and intensified military operations against Communist and Muslim revolutionary movements in the guise of anti-terrorism; a crackdown on the Left, the political opposition, the press and other government critics; a deluge of fake news via the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCCO) and Duterte’s internet troll army; and the resumption of the bloody drug war via PNP’s Oplan Tokhang part III.

wp issuing Proclamation 360 terminating peace negotiations with the NDFP, Duterte has turned his back on the people’s clamor for a just peace. He wasted the efforts and gains made wp both sides over the past two months which include the initialing of agreements on agrarian reform and national industrialization which could benefit millions of Filipinos.

In the meantime, Pres. Duterte is sweetening the pot for his own set of cronies and foreign backers through promises of political appointments from the baranggay to the highest levels of governance; juicy contracts in his “Build, Build, Build” program; and his Nov. 21 memorandum order to the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) to further relax the rules on the entry of foreign investments in public services, utilities and other strategic areas of the economy.

It is important to note that Duterte’s plot to impose a fascist dictatorship has gained momentum after his meeting with US Pres. Donald Trump. That meeting cemented the Trump administration’s support and financing for Duterte’s bloody anti-drug, counter-insurgency and anti-terrorism campaigns in exchange for Duterte’s adherence to the Trump administration’s security agenda and expansion of free market, neoliberal economic policies.

Duterte is not content with his vast powers, including his martial law powers. He is itching to impose an open fascist dictatorship in the guise of an extra-constitutional “revolutionary government.” His supporters are now trying to create an artificial clamor for this rightist counter-revolution.

As a back up, the blueprint for his dictatorship is also contained in the charter change proposals to be passed wp the Duterte-controlled Congress, sitting as a constituent assembly.

In this light, our anti-dictatorship action on Nov. 30 becomes necessary and urgent. We invite all freedom loving Filipinos to join us on that day in rejecting Duterte’s looming dictatorship. In the spirit of Bonifacio’s revolution, let us persevere in the struggle for genuine freedom and democracy.#


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