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Bayan calls for heightened resistance to dictatorship on Bonifacio Day

Press Statement
November 30, 2017


Bayan joins the Filipino people in commemorating the 154th birth anniversary of revolutionary leader Andres Bonifacio. On this day, we march throughout the country in vehement opposition to fascist dictatorship and suppression of the people’s rights and freedoms wp the US-Duterte regime.

We reject in no uncertain terms the fake “revolutionary government” being passed off as the means to shift to a federal form of government. This sham “rev gov” is nothing but a power-grab to enable authoritarian rule, in favour of the same oligarchs and bureaucrats that have dominated the nation before. There is nothing “revolutionary” in a system that will perpetuate human rights violations, economic degradation and foreign intervention.

We oppose the Duterte regime’s threats of a crackdown against legal progressive organizations. This is not just a crackdown on activists but a crackdown on dissent that sends a chilling effect on all critics of the establishment. Already, there has been an increase in reports of extrajudicial killings, illegal arrests, surveillance and harassment against activists over the past weeks. The people will continue to assert their democratic rights and freedoms against this dastardly attempt to muzzle criticism.

Fascism goes hand in hand with plans to further liberalize the economy through charter change initiatives that seek to remove the remaining constitutional restrictions on foreign ownership. In clear betrayal of the ideals of Bonifacio, the regime is bent on allowing 100% foreign ownership of land and utilities, putting the Philippines up for sale to the different imperialist powers.

Also in another betrayal of Bonifacio, the Duterte regime has reaffirmed all military treaties with the US and is likely going to allow the return of US bases under the EDCA. Donald Trump has already called the Philippines a “prime piece of real estate” from a military standpoint. It is an indication that the US seeks to strengthen its military foothold in the country.

The Duterte regime thinks it can bulldoze its way to a full-blown fascist dictatorship because of the economic and military support from the US. It overestimates the support of the imperialists and local ruling elite and underestimates the capacity of the people to unite and resist. This may well be Duterte’s biggest mistake to date. ###



*Photo from Rappler


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