Sunday, February 25, 2018

On the deferred transport strike

Press Statement
December 3, 2017


Transport groups have been raising valid issues regarding the displacement of drivers and operators under a profit-oriented and corporatized “modernization” scheme. Time and again, the transport groups have argued that they are not against modernization but are opposed to the prospect of massive job losses for drivers and small operators who can no longer afford the high cost of new units as well as the new fleet management scheme that favors only the big corporations.

That they chose to defer their planned transport strike after the appeal for a dialogue and hearing wp Sen. Grace Poe shows that Piston and the Stop the Jeepney Phaseout Coalition are reasonable. This is in stark contrast to the position of the Duterte regime which threatens the transport sector to follow or else. That is unreasonable. That is oppressive.

We condemn in the strongest terms the efforts of the LTFRB to criminalize the just protests of the transport sector through the filing of trumped-up charges against transport leaders including George San Mateo. This act of the LTFRB is in stark contrast to the position of Sen. Poe and other lawmakers who see the need to address the valid concerns of the transport groups instead of undertaking punitive actions against them. ###


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