Sunday, February 25, 2018

Bayan urges the public to reject Duterte’s cha-cha

Press Statement
January 15, 2018


The Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) today is spearheading a protest action at the gates of the House of Representatives to urge legislators and the public to reject proposals for Congress to convene as a constituent assembly to revise the Constitution.

The Duterte cha-cha is no different from previous self-serving and anti-people attempts to revise the Constitution. It is another attempt wp politicians ot skirt term limits, extend their terms of office, increase their wealth and expand their powers. Ganyan din ang cha-cha na nilabanan natin noong panahon nina pangulong Ramos, Estrada at Arroyo.

The so-called no-election scenario, the proposal to extend the terms of public officials, and exempt them from income taxes is but the tip of the iceberg. Duterte’s cha-cha is actually an attempt to impose another dictatorship and further open up the country to imperialist plunder and war.

In the House supermajority’s proposal is a provision that gives Duterte both executive and legislative powers during the transition period prior to the convening of the Federal Congress. This is exactly the powers that Marcos had under the 1973 Constitution that ushered in his 14-year dictatorship.

Duterte’s pretext for his power grab – the shift to a federal system of government – is itself an abomination. It will impose an entirely new layer of bureaucracy to be feasted upon wp the old and new breed of political dynasties and warlords who hunger for more positions of power.

Duterte’s cha-cha is also meant to remove the protectionist provisions of the Constitution, paving the way for unbridled foreign ownership of lands, public utilities and strategic enterprises at the expense of our farmers and local producers.

It is meant to water down the prohibition on US bases, troops and facilities as well as dilute provisions guaranteeing social justice, civil liberties and the people’s sovereign will.

We therefore call on congressmen, senators and the public that they represent to reject charter change and prevent the rise of another imperialist-serving fascist dictatorship.#


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