Sunday, February 25, 2018

On the harassment of ACT-NCR Union President

Press Statement
January 29, 2018


BAYAN condemns in strongest terms the harassment and attempted arrest of the president of Alliance of Concerned Teachers – National Capital Region (ACT-NCR) Union, Joselyn Martinez earlier today.

The harassment happened today in front of the Imelda Elementary School, Malabon, by three civilian men presenting an invalid warrant of arrest, which was expired, unreadable in most parts, and with the name Joselyn Ramirez as the accused. Martinez stood her ground and the perpetrators left with the threat to come back with a new warrant.

ACT-NCR Union is a registered organization that solely represents public school teachers in the NCR and promotes legitimate economic, political and social rights. They recently conducted actions calling on the government to increase the salaries of teachers and other government employees.

The act of harassment happened two days after the threat of President Duterte to crush so called communists’ “legal fronts.” It is entirely possible that the arresting persons and their superiors may have been inspired by Duterte’s rant and thought of pleasing their commander in chief.

We demand an explanation from the Philippine National Police and a commitment that such brazen attempts at harassment and intimidation will not happen again.#



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