Sunday, February 25, 2018

Protest China’s military build up on disputed islands

Press Statement
February 7, 2018


A foreign policy held hostage by foreign loans is not an independent foreign policy. It is a subservient foreign policy. The Duterte regime has refused mounting calls to protest China’s military build-up in the disputed islands, relying instead on the non-existent “good faith” of Duterte’s Chinese benefactors.

The Philippine government’s reliance on loans from China to fund an ambitious infrastructure program has severely undermined our sovereign rights to these islands. The Philippine government is not even making full use of the legal vicotry won at The Hague that already recognized these sovereign rights. It has taken the defeatist position, exclaiming “What are we to do?”

So while the the Philippine government builds foreign-funded bridges and ports, it will be ceding our islands, waters and vast resources to China. It is an utterly shameful situation. It is a betrayal of national interest.

The Filipino people however can and must protest China’s military build up. The people can and must protest the Duterte regime’s subservience to foreign powers like China.



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