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? Praymer Hinggil sa Papel ng Gobyernong US sa Patakarang Todo-Gera ng Rehimeng Arroyo
? Amnesty International Report
? Primer on Political Killings
? Position Paper on the National ID System
? Primer on Political Persecution
? Position Paper on Anti-terrorism Bill
? CCTA executive report
? FFM report on Hacienda Luisita
? Supreme Court Decision on PP1017

05 - 18 - 05
Date Posted

? 5 Reasons Why We Oppose Arroyo?s
? Charter Change
? Powerpoint on Charter Change
? Consulative Commission Minority Report
? ConCom Structure of the Republic
? ConCom Form of Government
? ConCom National Patrimony
? ConCom Transitory Provisions
? Anti Chacha Sign Drive

Date Posted
On Value Added Tax

? Position Paper on Value Added Tax
? Critique of Senate VAT bill
? A Solution Must First of All Be Socially Just
? By Dr. Carol Pagaduan-Araullo, BAYAN
? All Eyes On The VAT Bicam

On Fiscal Crisis
? Position Paper on Fiscal Crisis
? Philippine Financial Crisis and its Roots
? Chronic Financial Crisis and the Way Out
? By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Date Posted

? After the summitry, more of the same
By Dr. Carol Araullo
? U.S. Imperialism in Southeast Asia and ASEAN by (IPE)
? US Imperialist Globalization and Its Elite
? Partners in the Philippines Trade,
? Inequality and State Terrorism
? PILC legal opinion on the VFA

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? GSM People's Agenda for Transition
? People Power and Transition Council
? By fr. Jose Dizon
? People Power and Transition Council
? Booklet [ Filipino Version ]
? Transition Council and People's Agenda
? [ English Version ]
? Transition Council and People's Agenda
? [ Filipino Version ]
? Primer on People Power and the
? Transition Council [ Filipino Version ]
? Pamphlet on Transition Council
? [ Filipino Version ]
? Primer on Transition Council
? [ Filipino Version ]
? The People?s Agenda PowerPoint
? KUMILOS AT PALITAN ang bulok na
? gobyerno ni Arroyo!