? Update of Philip Alston regarding Philippine Report to the Human Rights Council

? Philip Alston's final report to the UN

? The Melo Report: prospects and limitations
? Powerpoint on Bayan's position on Melo Report ( Prospects and Limitations )
? Powerpoint on Political Killings in the Philippines
? Melo Commission Report
? AFP Reaction to the Melo Commission's Initial Report
? Statement of Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur for Extra Judicial Killings, regarding his 10-day visit in the Philippines
? Philippines: All parties must act on political killings ahead of elections
Amnesty International Press Release February 23, 2006
? Primer on the Killings of Activists
? "Partners in Terror" : Role of the US Government in Arroyo's All-Out War
? Bayan outlines concrete steps to stop killings
? US asked to withdraw millions in aid to Philippine military due to abuses
? Why the Melo Commission was doomed to fail ( and why victims refused to cooperate)
? Melo Commission ignored key policy issues on killings
? Bayan says GMA must order AFP to stop killings; calls on UN to punish GRP for rights violations

? On the CHEAP LIES and VIDEOTAPE being peddled by General Esperon