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Bicolano Alliance for Nationalism against Balikatan

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? US troops in Mindanao and the mysterious deaths of Gregan Carde´┐Żo and Capt. Javier Ignacio
by the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) (in cooperation with InPeace Mindanao and Karapatan)
June 9, 2010

? Paggahasa sa Soberanya [ Download VFA Primer ]

? SC Ruling on the VFA

? Joint Motion For Reconsideration on the VFA

? BAYAN on SC Decision on the VFA

? Dissenting Opinion of CJ Reynato Puno

? VFA Senate Resolution No 892 - page 01 ? page 02

? PILC legal opinion on the VFA

? Permanent presence and combat involvement of US troops undermine
Philippine sovereignty

Powerpoint Presentation

? The Legal Issues Pertaining to the Visiting Forces Agreement
A legal study on the VFA
By the General Counsel of Bayan Muna

? AS if they never left-- US military presence in the Philippines