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Bayan supports Turkish people’s uprising

Posted on 20 June 2013 by admin

News Release

June 20, 2013

The umbrella organization Bagong Alyansang Makabayan in the Philippines held a picket near the Embassy of Turkey in Dasmarinas Village, Makati City, to show  support for the uprising of the people of Turkey against the regime of the US-supported Recep Tayip Erdogan.

“We condemn the ruthlessness, the brutality and the impunity of US-Erdogan regime which has let loose hundreds of state security forces to attack thousands of Turkish rallyists all over the country. We are outraged at photos showing Turkish protesters and non-protesters being kicked, tear gassed, bloodied by shots of rubber bullets, and hit by water canons directed against the huge crowds.

At the same time, we are inspired by the mammoth mobilization of all sectors of Turkish society, marching to main centers of demonstrations. The people of Turkey have shown unprecedented national unity demanding the resignation and overthrow of this hated regime,” said Carol Araullo,Chairperson of  the militant umbrella organization Bagong Alyansang Makabayan ( New Patriotic Alliance ) at a protest held near the Embassy of Turkey in Dasmarinas Village, Makati City.

The 18-day  uprising has continued to swell in bigger numbers  inspite of the violence unleashed upon them by the unpopular regime of Prime Minister Erdogan. Although beaten back by the ferocity of the police, the people – especially the youth –  have not backed down.

“We condemn the recent statements of Erdogan labelling any protester returning to Taksim square as a terrorist,” Araullo added.

For the past 18 days, the mass actions in many parts of Turkey have not waned and have brought various sectors onto the streets: lawyers, doctors, youth and students, professionals, members of big trade unions, artists, social activists, and an increasing number of people critical of their government.

The ongoing uprising started with the opposition of the people over the governments’s order to cut the trees in the Gezi Park, which is loved and cared for by the people, to make way for a commercial center that resembles the barracks of the Ottoman Empire.

“The people’s opposition was not only about trees being uprooted to make way for the project of the Endrogan government. The issue brought to the fore the more burning and more deeply-rooted problems that the Erdogan government has refused to solve. The people are vehemently against his authoritarian regime, “ the Bayan leader said.

“Turkey is one of the countries which has the most number of political prisoners who have resisted the past reactionary regimes and the current Erdogan regime. Turkey is a proxy of the Western imperialist forces, especially the US, for the latter’s war against the Assad government in Syria. This has drawn widespread criticism from the people. Turkey is host to several US bases. Peace-loving towards neighboring countries and the rest of the world, the Turkish people are concerned that the US bases could be the center of attack by the enemies of the Erdogan government, thus endangering the lives of the Turkish people , “ she said.

The youth and students, including the trade unions are protesting the neo-liberal policies of the Erdogan government as a result of massive unemployment and the lack of budget for services to the people.

“We collectively raise our clenched fists to salute the people of Turkey  now united in their courageous confrontation with the Erdogan regime. We call for a stop to the attacks on the democratic rights of the Turkish protesters. We stand in solidarity with them , “ Araullo  concluded.#

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