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Communique of the First Meeting of the newly-elected International Coordinating Committee

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10 July 2011

Prof. Jose Maria Sison, the outgoing Chairperson of the International Coordinating Committee (ICC) opened the meeting and then asked the Vice Chairperson Len Cooper to preside over the meeting.

The ICC elected its officers to comprise the International Coordinating Group. They are as follows:

Prof. Jose Maria Sison, Chairperson, Len Cooper, Vice Chairperson, Carol Araullo,Vice Chairperson for Internal Affairs, Bill Doares, Vice Chairperson for External Affairs, Malcolm Guy, General Secretary, Wahu Kaara, First Deputy General Secretary, Antonio Tujan, Second Deputy General Secretary, Theo Droog, Treasurer and Lyn Meza, Auditor.

The ICC examined, amended and approved the draft Communiqué on the Fourth International Assembly by way of summing up the assembly from July 7 to July 9. The ICC was unanimous in describing the assembly as historically significant and resoundingly successful.

Subsequently, the ICC members took turns in assessing the political, technical and financial aspects of the assembly. The ICC members cited the large number of delegates and countries represented that surpassed all previous records as a shining testimony of the vitality of the League and a clear repudiation of the call by the sectarian disrupters who called for a boycott of the assembly.

The ICC members were one in commending the Host Country Committee for a job well done. The ICC was informed by the head of the Host Country Committee that not only were the expenses for the assembly well covered by the registration fees but a surplus was acquired that can then be added to the ILPS central fund.

The ICC approved the publication of the proceedings of the Fourth International Assembly, including the program of the assembly, reports of the outgoing officers, the reports of the commissions, the regular and special resolutions, the General Declaration and the lists of the outgoing and incoming International Coordinating Committee, the International Coordinating Group, the commissions, the communiqués on the assembly and first ICC meeting and the list of delegates, their organizations and countries.

The ICC discussed how to improve communications among members and how to use the website for internal and external communications. The ICC also decided to take steps to stop the further operations of the website usurping the name of the ILPS.

The ICC discussed briefly the need for intensifying campaigns, expanding alliances and cooperation and raising resources for the purpose. It was pointed out that the ICC can pass to the ICG the task of planning the collection of membership dues and resources.

The ICC decided that its next meeting would be in the first quarter of 2012 in The Netherlands.

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