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SC resolution on confidentiality now biggest stumbling block in impeachment trial

Posted on 25 February 2012 by admin

Press Statement

February 25, 2012

The Supreme Court is stonewalling the impeachment trial.

The February 14 resolution of the Supreme Court setting the guidelines on coverage of judicial privilege and confidentiality is the biggest stumbling block to truth at this stage of the trial.

The resolution is patently self-serving as it aims to conceal the truth on the maneuvers that occurred in the SC in the granting of a TRO so that Gloria Macapagal Arroyo can leave the country. The resolution perpetuates impunity as far as judicial misconduct is concerned.

The resolution was also tailor-made for the impeachment as it seeks to suppress the presentation of vital documents, court records and witnesses who will show that Chief Justice Renato Corona, through his individual acts, maneuvered for the speedy issuance of a TRO for Arroyo. These documents and witnesses can shed light on the allegations of Justice Sereno and Justice Carpio that Corona revising the resolution of the SC to favor GMA, making the TRO in full force even if certain conditions have not been complied with by the Arroyo camp.

The Feb.14 resolution will now ensure that no employee of the SC, from the Justices down to the security guards and drivers, will be allowed to testify before the Senate. Amazingly, the SC Clerk of Court is even appealing the subpoena issued by the Senate for two prosecution witnesses, a SC security guard and a chauffeur. The SC Clerk of Court said that that the testimonies of the two subpoenaed witnesses may affect the final ruling of the SC.

The Senate must not give in to this obvious cover-up of the truth. As Senator Allan Cayetano explained last week, the rule on confidentiality is not absolute. There are exceptions such as in the commission of a crime or an investigation into judicial misconduct. The impeachment trial should be considered as an exception since there is great public interest at stake and the trial aims to uncover the truth about judicial misconduct.

We call on the people to be vigilant and protest these insidious maneuvers of the SC. ###

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