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Message of solidarity for Cuba

Posted on 11 June 2013 by admin

The Bagong Alyansang Makabayan ( New Patriotic Alliance ), the umbrella organization for patriotic and anti-imperialist mass organizations in the Philippines, warmly welcomes Ms.Odalys Lopez Sarmiento, Director of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples in Asia-Oceania, as she embarks on a trip to several countries in Asia and the Oceania, including the Philippines, for solidarity for Cuba.

Bayan wishes her a fruitful  visit with the members of the Amistad chapters. We take her visit to the Philippines  as  likewise a recognition and a show of the Cuban people’s support for the  Filipino people in their struggle to achieve genuine independence and social justice, peace and democracy.

Bayan has urged the mass leaders of its member-organizations to attend the important forum of Ms.Odalys Lopez-Sarmiento on “US Aggression and the Current Situation in Cuba” so that the former would be inspired by Cuba’s unflagging and inspiring struggles against the  continuing US aggression and meddling; and Cuba’s ability to achieve self-reliance in agriculture, health care, education , disaster management, and most of all, the Cuban peoples’ defense of its territory against actual threats of invasion by US imperialism.

It is truly inspiring to note that the solidarity that Cuba gives back to the peoples of the world, including the peoples of the US, is through its well-known and highly skilled pharmacists, doctors and engineers who give training to others, including the offer to help save victims of tornadoes and floods.

Bayan takes this occasion to renew its vow to extend solidarity to the people of Cuba in their tireless struggle to defend the gains of their revolution against the relentless aggression of US imperialism on this small country.

Through all the twenty-eight (28) years that Bayan had been in existence as a multisectoral umbrella organization for progressive and militant organizations, it had staged numerous protest actions in front of the US embassy to condemn the US’ blatant intent and actions to bring Cuba to its knees and to try to make it  bow to the hegemony of monopoly capitalism, similar to what it is brazenly trying to do to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ( DPRK ).  Bayan has also organized fora for its member-mass organizations and attended a few international solidarity meetings for Cuba.

We shall continue to give solidarity to the people of Cuba in the next many years so long as US imperialism tries to make Cuba succumb to surrender to the world’s lone Superpower, such as the half-a-century blockade of  Cuba leading to much difficulty on acquiring much-needed medicines and equipment needed for its sick and disabled citizens; the cruel imprisonment of the innocent Cuban Five in US prisons; the several attempts of the CIA and “contra” groups of Cubans  to institute “regime change” of the revolutionary leadership of Fidel Castro; and the use of the Cuban territory as prison for so-called terrorists against the US government.

As the Filipino people  once again commemorate the so-called independence day in their country on June 12 – an occasion that is mocked by the Phil. President  Simeon Benigno Aquino III who peddles our natural resources to be plundered by foreign investors and rabidly implements neo-liberal policies that favour US imperialism, we look once again with pride to  the leaders and people of Cuba who have asserted their national sovereignty and the integrity of their socialist aspirations and system.

Through their mass organizations  and  fora outside of Cuba, such as its friendship groups in many regions of the world, international bodies of different sectors, personages, etc. Cuba has shared its own experiences of their own vlctorious revolution of 1959 against US imperialism, domestic feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism.

Bayan likewise commends ALBA (the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of our America – an alliance of governments in Latin America ) for standing up to US imperialism and its cohorts in the world by rejecting the inclusion of Cuba on the US-issued list of countries sponsoring international territorism.

Bayan wholeheartedly supports the resolution of ALBA in condemning the list as “unjust”, and joins the numerous sectors of US society, and other countries as well, that have demanded to the US that it put an end to this injustice because said listing is in itself a gross violation of International Law and the UN Charter.

Bayan extends its wish to the leaders and people of Cuba and those in Latin America for stronger ties between them and the Filipino people in the common struggle to end the reign of US imperialism in this world.#

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan ( New Patriotic Alliance ) – Philippines

Quezon Cty, Philippines
June 11, 2013

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