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Unión del Barrio, a Mexican/Latin-American revolutionary and anti-imperialist organization

Posted on 18 April 2012 by admin

To the People of the Philippines,
To the International League of People’s Struggle,
To Bayan USA,
To Anakbayan, Sigaw, Habi Arts, and all the organized workers of the Phillipines,

Unión del Barrio, a Mexican/Latin-American revolutionary and anti-imperialist organization, that struggles against US colonial occupation of our territories usurped in their illegal war of aggression against México in 1846-1848, stands in solidarity with you to end the genocidal US military intervention in your homeland.

Unión del Barrio understands that the deepening economic crisis of capitalism is threatening the imperialists in the US and Europe from maintaining their political control of neo-colonial nation states, who’s peoples are overturning years of colonial and neo-colonial rule as the masses of the people the world over rise up to take back their natural resources.

Like a wounded animal with its back against the wall, US Imperialism is desperately trying to survive and it is resorting to open and outright violence in order to maintain its power and control over the natural resources the world over. Part of the process of Imperialist survival is its attempt to conserve political rule through right-wing puppet governments. It is under that context that we are able to understand why the US continues its military intervention in places such as México, Colombia and our sister nation of the Philippines.

In Latin America, the US has installed military bases in countries ruled by right-wing fascist governments that cater to the needs of US imperialism and its international oligarchy, as a means to encircle and cordon off revolutionary nations such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua in their attempts to strangle the emancipatory process taking shape in those countries.

In México, under the so called Plan Merida and under the declared “War On Drugs”, the US has launched a genocidal campaign aimed at destroying all social and alternative political movements that challenge or even question its neo-liberal (imperialist) model. With operations such as “Fast and Furious”, the US has armed both the Mexican Military and the Drug Cartels, fueling a drug war that has resulted in the death of over 50,000 Mexicans in the last 5 years.

In the Philippines, the US is now carrying out joint exercises with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), a military that has for decades committed grave human rights violations. This mirrors our experience with US backed regimes in Latin America, where military juntas were trained at the infamous US Army School of the Americas where they learned to torture, maim and dispose of political opponents.  As if that were not terrible enough, the US imperialists are now arming the AFP with unmanned killer drones that will undoubtedly result in the deaths of countless civilians. We have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan how these US weapons of mass-destruction have been used to punish the defenseless civilian population that has now suffered over one million casualties. Under the pretext of the “War on Terror” or “The War on Drugs”, the US and their Filipino lackeys have attacked human rights activists, political activists and Filipino freedom fighters with these very weapons.

For those reasons, Unión del Barrio fervently denounces the joint US-Philippine military exercises and the US military intervention of the Philippines and her people. We denounce the US government for providing weapons of mass destruction to the AFP, and denounced the US war of terror on the sister Island Nation.

As Unión del Barrio we have learned much from the brave people of the Philippines who have been an example to the world of what it means to struggle against colonialism and imperialism. We are proud to join with Bayan USA, Anakbayan, Sigaw, Habi Arts, International League of People’s Struggles in your struggle, which is our struggle, to demand that the US stay out of the Philippines and that the US stop funding and arming the AFP!

US out of the Philippines!
US out of México!
US out of Latin America!
Down with Colonialism and Imperialism!

¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Unión del Barrio

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